Wednesday, April 25, 2012

so high


Peace and say Cheese!

What a hectic week I'm having right now. It's tiring, I got no time to rest, no time for tv, to eat, to workout, and I would rather spend my time to sleep than do any other things, but I should have feel happy, a pack of marlboro I could smoke for two days since I used to get them 1 pack per day HAHA

My diet plan still going on, some of my friends said I'm gettin skinnier, not so happy cause there's few kgs to go for me!
Bed time.. chao!

Fly high, bright star, shine in the sky! ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

AHA Big girl still lovin choco milk. Havin this every morning is the best thing in ma life!

Well I just got home from interview no long, finally going to start working on Monday, I got so many plans, for myself, for ma phuuuture! I wish they will send me to klcc cuz I like the place so much seriously, and also I can walk to zouk and meet the party animal like every weekend, howwww nice? geez lol! I must have party real hard this weekend like the world is going to end tomorrow cuz I'm going to work on monday. hmm wish me luck in work, I don't want to go stress on the first day.

by da way I'm in love with AUDI these days, i think they are hawt, very hawt! I told my sis I wanna get an AUDI as my first car, you might think that this is a joke or what, but for me, i never wanted to waste money to get a thing that I don't really like, I only want the thing that i really into it and also the best. got myself a target! eyes on you!

cough cough*
Got a old friend's call when I blogging halfway, i think that i seriously got really less friend, like FEW only, but thanks god some of them will find me once in a while, even I never given them a ring or what,
I'm weird, always lol, and they knew that!

Quote of the day: No pain no gain. 

Friday, April 6, 2012


Finallyyyyyy! I got to online, I got to blog. Could not online for like two days?! yea due to the internet settings. It's driving me crazy, I couldn't check my mailbox, couldn't do my stuff and of course blogging as well :P

You know what? Few days ago I was watching a horror movie in the middle of the night and my dad was reading the newspaper, suddenly my dad said "kaki, don't watch this kind of movie at this time, you might have a nightmare." I was like "ok ok~" I switched channel and i thought that My dad still think I'm a little baby girl. Well here's the shit lol, my dad came to me and told me "kaki, I watched a movie last night, there's a girl got killed but there's no blood lah, then the girl was missing after got killed, afterwards there's a ghost appeared out of sudden, it's freaking me out so I turned the tv off and off to bed." I laughed out loud at my dad, now only I know that my dad is afraid of horror movies hahahaha!

Well, I watched the Love and other drugs for two consecutive nights, it's a really nice movie with beautiful storyline, just wanna get the dvd, btw I used to collect the movies I love :)

Pictures taken these days. Seriously I want to get a canon powershot so badly, my life goes nothin' without a camera urgh..
Swimming at brother ali's condo, yea yea to balance our lifestyle.


Lovin' snowflakes these days. Purposely came to have Tohua cause I don't know anywhere that selling nice Tohua hmm, anybody knows?

every morning..

they are sins! But to have them is one of the best thing in ma life!
btw i workout a lot today, kinda tired but I will still fight for it :)

Listen to this and you will a have a good night, night pals

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just me.

I can blame no one but myself because I am the one that exhausting myself and being stubborn. I always think that I see what other can't, I understand what other don't, I used to know people well but not myself. I should have get back on track and move on. Life's hard, Life's good? What a wonderful, what a cruel world? It's all depend on myself, the way I see the world.
You can make yourself happy either sad, it's all depend how am I gonna handle these problems. I am young, I still have a lot to learn, to explore. 

I just realized that I do not know myself much after everything. And now I will learn to know myself a little more. Imma improve, invest myself, I will just be better day by day, never stuck on the same stage, never.. 


Lykke Li inspires me a lot. Good night, XO!

Friday, March 23, 2012

I've been ignoring my blog for the past weeks or months i could say. My spoilt camera doesn't work anymore, and my mind fucked could not think of anything to blog about, they said the first present I should have ask from my future boyfriend is a CAMERA, haha I was like Heck yea!


Macarons little macarons! I bought it at KLCC, wanted to try them for soooo long and so I bought it for myself on the last day I worked at KLCC.
By the way, I'm on diet, I take 1 meal a day, and I think everything goes well on me, everyday I weight myself and I'm so happy to see my weight drop day by day, and finally I got to wear my old skinny jeans! Feeling fly like a g6* Still have to workout more on my elephant alike thighs, gotta google for it!

Nahh, she is my motivation to get my body back in shape! Let's gooo for those who are on diet like me :)

alright time to give my skin a treat, mask and sleep!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's going to be a hectic week ♥
Time flies, it's March 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

it's february shit!


it's february and shit! Time flies, I just had a shitty Chinese New Year, KL was quite boring during Chinese new year, isn't it? by the way I'm looking for jobs these days, I'm shoo stressed, urgh mind-fuck!!
They say When we were young we had a dream, as we grow older, our dreams just seem far away and fuzzy. And now I got it, these words just keep running thru my mind these days..

and fuck that my camera got a problem so I can't take any nice picture to update my blog.. I know I have to get a new camera, want a semi-pro but it's out of my budget.. but the biggest problem I'm facing now is money and job.. oh people please, any vacancy do let me know, I will appreciate it!
Night guys, xoxo!