Friday, April 6, 2012


Finallyyyyyy! I got to online, I got to blog. Could not online for like two days?! yea due to the internet settings. It's driving me crazy, I couldn't check my mailbox, couldn't do my stuff and of course blogging as well :P

You know what? Few days ago I was watching a horror movie in the middle of the night and my dad was reading the newspaper, suddenly my dad said "kaki, don't watch this kind of movie at this time, you might have a nightmare." I was like "ok ok~" I switched channel and i thought that My dad still think I'm a little baby girl. Well here's the shit lol, my dad came to me and told me "kaki, I watched a movie last night, there's a girl got killed but there's no blood lah, then the girl was missing after got killed, afterwards there's a ghost appeared out of sudden, it's freaking me out so I turned the tv off and off to bed." I laughed out loud at my dad, now only I know that my dad is afraid of horror movies hahahaha!

Well, I watched the Love and other drugs for two consecutive nights, it's a really nice movie with beautiful storyline, just wanna get the dvd, btw I used to collect the movies I love :)

Pictures taken these days. Seriously I want to get a canon powershot so badly, my life goes nothin' without a camera urgh..
Swimming at brother ali's condo, yea yea to balance our lifestyle.


Lovin' snowflakes these days. Purposely came to have Tohua cause I don't know anywhere that selling nice Tohua hmm, anybody knows?

every morning..

they are sins! But to have them is one of the best thing in ma life!
btw i workout a lot today, kinda tired but I will still fight for it :)

Listen to this and you will a have a good night, night pals

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  1. dont smoke to much its not good for health:)